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BlackBear Charcoal - About Us

Our mission is simple, “To make the best possible charcoal at a fair price. Made by grill masters for grill masters.”


Here at Blackbear Charcoal, outdoor cooking is our passion. Smoking, grilling, BBQ we love it all and we never cook over anything but charcoal. 


But we were disappointed in some way with every product we tried, lump is inconsistent and often has too much un-carbonized wood. Briquettes are full of additives, they smoke like the decks on fire, and they produce too much ash. Some we loved but they were just too expensive. 


And almost all of them are made with mature hardwoods that take decades to grow, often harvested in rural areas of impoverished countries. Making their sustainability and environmental impact suspect. 


So we asked, Why not make charcoal that combines the consistency of briquettes with the long burn time and low ash of lump and make it from an environmentally sustainable source?


So that’s exactly what we did. Our charcoal is made from mature coconut shells, recycled from the food and beverage industry. With no additives and a large shape, you can use it in your kamado without fear of ash choking out your fire and you can use it in your Weber or PK with the consistency you expect of briquettes, our Hex Logs will burn the same every time. 

Hex Logs Burn Long, Burn Pure, and Burn Hot. That’s our promise and we stand behind it. 


We are American owned and operated and located in Franklin, Tennessee.

Please send any inquiries by Mail To:
BlackBear Charcoal
PO BOX 680233
Franklin, TN 37086


We are looking for brand partners and influencers to promote and review our great charcoal! Contact us at

Inquiries regarding larger quantities for either brick and mortar retail or professional culinary applications, please email

General questions, please email us at

Charcoal Tips & Lighting


There are several methods to light your charcoal. However we strongly recommend the following 2 methods, one for grilling and the other for BBQ and other types of slow cooking.

1) For grilling we recommend the use of a charcoal chimney. 

Stack the Hex Logs vertically and ignite using newspaper, a starter pack or two cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol. 


When the Hex Logs are mostly ashed over, dump them into your grill and arrange them rows facing opposite directions to promote optimal air flow & high heat. 

Begin grilling immediately! 


2) For BBQ (slow cooking) we recommend that you place the Hex Logs in your grill and arrange them into two rows both facing the same direction this will reduce air flow and make temperature management easier. 

Light one corner of the hex logs using a starter pack, or two cotton balls soaked in rubbing alcohol between the two layers. 

Alternatively if you have a grill torch or loof lighter available, these are the best choices for lighting one corner. 

Leave the lid open/off and the bottom air vents open until a roughly fist sized chunk is ashed over. 

Close lid and reduce air intake (bottom) and dampener (top) to the appropriate setting for the desired temperature, and allow the grill to slowly come up to temperature.

Hex Logs Burn Hot & Burn Long, monitor your cooker closely until you've adjusted to the superior burn characteristics of our charcoal. 


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